How to overcome your fear of moving home

Emily & parrot

After 2 years without a holiday I have returned into the office this week refreshed and full of energy and enthusiasm from a week in Morocco…. 7 days of pure indulgence enjoying warm sunshine, fabulous food and maybe a little too much wine set me in good stead for the return to a busy sales office.

During an evening of entertainment at my hotel I was made to hold a parrot! Anyone who knows me fairly well will know that I am absolutely petrified of anything living with wings….. even ladybirds send a shiver down by spine! Under immense pressure from a hotel audience I managed to let this parrot perch on my shoulder for a photograph!

It got me thinking of overcoming fears, in particular the anxieties experienced by someone making that decision to ‘down size’.  I am currently working on a development in Rickmansworth town centre of 24 brand new apartments – Woodman House.

During the sales meeting with Matthew Homes this week we reviewed the amount of ‘re-visits’ into the show home and noted how high this figure was.  It re-affirmed my thoughts on how important it is for an estate agent to get to know their potential purchasers.  If we can develop a rapport with our applicants, we gain such insight and understanding of their specific needs and can help them overcome any fears they have associated with a move.

My advice to anyone experiencing fears of moving or downsizing is to talk to us.  Nobody in the Sewell & Gardner office is a ‘typical estate agent’ we are all real people who genuinely enjoy our jobs.  Most of us have been in the company for several years and understand that all purchasers / sellers situations are different.  We are in it for the long term, we will use our knowledge of the local market to help you find the home that’s right for you so you have the confidence to use us again or recommend us to your friends.

If you need to discuss a potential move, please give me a call on 01923 776400.


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